Friedhelm Hornig

Executive Director, BDM Operations

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Friedhelm Hornig is a statistician with 25 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The basis of his broad drug development experience stems from his 23 years at Novartis, Switzerland in different leadership functions and many therapeutic areas. Starting as Project Statistician and Project Leader, he moved into management roles for statistics groups in Medical Affairs, and in development projects in dermatology, women’s health, arthritis, infectious diseases, transplantation, and many more.

Since August 2015 he is an Executive Director of BDM Operations at Cytel, leading the Proposals group as well as statistical aspects of projects, driving process improvement initiatives, and mentoring statisticians, or serving as a voting member of a Data Monitoring Committee.

His first experience with rare diseases has been his involvement in the development of Canakinumab/Ilaris in Muckle–Wells syndrome and CAPS, and many have followed.