Dr. George Dickson

Chair of Molecular Cell Biology

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George Dickson is the University Chair of Molecular Cell Biology. He is a past President of the ESGCT, founder member and past Secretary of the BSGCT, and a former member of the EMA-CAT. He has spent most of his career studying neuromuscular disease, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) in particular. His contributions include:

  • Cloning of an intact healthy dystrophin gene, and subsequent development of gene therapies for DMD and OPMD.
  • Discovery of exon skipping as a treatment strategy for DMD, subsequent development of clinical morpholino reagents, and more recently of antisense strategies for FSHD, and against the myostatin gene.
  • Description of DMD genome editing and dystrophin gene correction using engineered endonucleases.