Robbie McCarthy

VP Rare diseases and Patient Portfolio

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Robbie brings 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience in the rare disease and specialty medicine space to Spherix Global Insights. Recognized as a highly strategic researcher and marketer, Robbie has developed and led successful brands in the UK, EU and US markets, establishing and leading sales, marketing and market research and development teams. Robbie’s areas of expertise include: brand insight & strategy, asset commercialization, advocacy partnership development, patient/caregiver insight generation, behavioral profiling, user group facilitation, interviewing and video production. Over his career Robbie has gained experience in, and developed a passion for, rare and orphan conditions including Lennox Gastaut syndrome, neurogenic orthostatic hypotension, acromegaly and genetic conditions such as ectodermal dysplasia, and ALD among many others.

Robbie joins the Spherix Global insights leadership team through the acquisition of his second company, Rare Insights LLC, an insights and strategy group focused on understanding and profiling the patient experience in rare and complex diseases. Prior to this, Robbie was one of two founding partners of The Patient Experience Project, a successful communications agency formed on the concept of marketing from a patient experience perspective.