Dr. Dione Kobayashi

Vice President, Preclinical Translation

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Dr. Kobayashi is the Vice President of Preclinical Translation at Cydan Development, a rare disease accelerator. Dr. Kobayashi is an accomplished executive scientist with a deep knowledge of early to clinical drug development in both common and rare diseases. Prior to joining Cydan, Dr. Kobayashi worked as an executive scientist in several biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as rare disease non-profit organizations including Alector, the SMA Foundation, Pfizer, Rinat, Élan, and Genentech. She has published numerous journal articles focused in neurodegenerative, neurodevelopmental, neuromuscular, and ocular diseases.

Dr. Kobayashi received her BSci in Brain and Cognitive Science from MIT, MSci in Cell, Molecular and Neurosciences from University of Hawaii Manoa, and her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh. She is a member of the Cure CMD Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board.