Arup Pramanik

VP, Global Head, Patient Access & Advocacy (Oncology)

Former Shire

Dr. Arup Pramanik is a physician trained at the Royal College of Physicians and in Health Economics and Policy, at London School of Economics and Political Science. He has over 20 years of successfully leading Market Access, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, Medical Affairs, Pricing, Commercial and Policy functions in country, regional and global teams at Pfizer, Novartis and most recently Shire. He has been formally recognized with Novartis President Awards and elsewhere for integrating the voice of payer, patients and real world analytics into Global Programs and Access Strategies, whilst working closely with key cross functional divisions. Dr. Arup has been a key contributor or led more than 25 products and key indications launches. He currently provides strategic and tactical consultancy services to start ups and other larger clients who wish to challenge status quo, rethink access strategies and develop teams. Whilst he has had a tenure for the Royal College of Physicians, is currently an External Advisory Board Member for Department of Health, Law, Policy & Management at the Boston University, School of Public Health.