Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe


Background Info

The Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe

Paradigm Global Events is proud to present The Biosimilars Global Congress 2013 Europe.

The market for Biologics is currently representing 16% of global pharmaceutical expenditure and significantly out-performing branded sales, it will continue to conquer the global market as it makes way for more innovative products deliver new treatment option.

The market for Biosimilars is expected to reach between US $1.9 billion – $ 2.6 billion by 2015 and is expected to become an increasingly large part of world market for global pharmaceutical with the potential of reaching 50% share. The lost of patent protection of the twelve top-selling Biologics by 2020 will trigger an estimated sales of $24 billion in Europe and $30 billion in the United States without having to mention the sales from the phamerging markets (China, India, Brazil, Mexico).

Why attend?
• In depth market analysis will provide maximum knowledge to keep ahead of the latest trend in Biosimilar developments and commercial strategies.
• Understanding the complexities of competing with next generation biologics and discuss the obstacles in bringing the next generation of Biologics to the market.
• Examine the perspective, risk and opportunities of the evolving market of Biosimilars.
• Learn methods of minimizing the cost and optimizing result in producing high quality Biosimilars.
• Gain better understanding of the European and US regulations and guidelines for Biosimilars including variations and new developments.
• Explore the difference and effect of Generics to the commercialization of Biosimilar medicine.
• Gain better insights into conducting trials, assessing immunogenicity and pharmacovigilance in Biosimilars.
• Focus on issues in developing Biosimilar mAbs.
• Explore CMC requirement in order to produce high quality similar biologic product in comparability with reference product.
• Network with experts and leaders of the industry.

A “Must attend??? Biosimilars Global Congress in Europe for 2013 for:
• Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads and Team Leaders and Managers working within:
• Follow on Biologics/Follow on Proteins/Biosimilars
• Biologics/Biotechnology/ Biogenerics
• Biopharmaceuticals/ Biotherapeutics
• Legal Affairs
• Intellectual property
• Pricing and Reimbursement
• Clinical Immunology
• Regulatory Compliance
• R & D
• Preclinical and Clinical Development
• New Product Development
• Quality Affairs/ Quality Control
• Principal Scientist
• Pharmacovigilance
• Chief Scientific Officer
• Drug Safety & Risk Management
• Health Economics
• Process Control and Analytical Technologies
• Business Development
• Commercial Affairs
• Marketing & sales
• Intellectual Property
• Legislation and Policy Advice
• Business Development
• Licensing
• Manufacturing
• APIs
• Bioequivalence
• Drug and Safety Assessment
• Market Strategy
• Regulatory Affairs


Pre-Conference Workshop: 18th, September 2013
09:30 – 13:00 Regulatory and Clinical Issues for Global Market – Led by Rodeina Challand, PRA International

Pre-Conference Afternoon Workshop – 18th September 2013
14:00 – 17:30 Biosimilars: Is the Risk worth the Reward – Led by James Harris III, CEO, Healthcare Economics LLC

• Assessing the promise and potential of Biosimilars
• Latest progress in biosimilars development
• Providing progress and acceptance of biosimilars
• Payer perspectives and formulary acceptance
• Biosimilar ROI consideration

Post Conference Workshop – 20th September 2013
14:40 – 17:10 From Development: Biosimilars MAbs to Market – Led by Richard DiCicco, Co-Founder, Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA

Key Speakers

Day 1

Day 1 – 19th September 2013

09:00-09:30– Registration (Coffee Refreshment)

09:30-09:40 – Chairman’s welcome remark – Rodeina Challand, Executive Director, Biosimilars Development, Scientific Affairs, PRA International


– Biosimilars Market Overview

09:40- 10:20 – Current Commercial Trends in Biosimilars: Seeing the Bigger Picture
• Assessing the promise and Potential of Biosimilars
• Biosimilar Uptake and Strategies for Market Penetration
• Biosimilars ROI Considerations
James Harris III, CEO Healthcare Economics USA

10:20-11:00 – Biosimilars 2015-2020 – A Market and Commercial Perspective
• Overview of the pharmaceutical and biologics markets
• Analysis of biosimilars markets and trends – past, present and future
• Commercial and operational considerations of successfully navigating the evolving biosimilars landscape
Dr. Steve Flatman, Head of Biosimilars Research and Development, Lonza Biologics Plc

11:00-11:40 – Networking morning refreshment break (Exhibitors Area)

11:40-12:20 PANEL DISCUSSION: Obstacles and hurdles for entering the Biosimilars market
• An interactive discussion on the barriers of entry for developing biosimilars; discussing topics such as
• Cost of development
• Legal requirements
• Technology demands
Richard Di Cicco, Co-Founder, Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals, USA

Rodeina Challand, Executive Director, Biosimilars Development, Scientific Affairs, PRA International
James Harris III, CEO Healthcare Economics USA


– Clinical Issues & Studies for Biosimilars & Pharmacovigilance
– Sponsored Spotlight Presentation

12:20-13:00 Challenges and obstacles in conducting clinical trials for Biosimilars
Dr.Nigel Rulewski, Vice President, Global Strategic Drug Development, Quintiles

– Lunch Break

14:00-14:40-Biosimilars–Barriers to Patient’s access and to market entry
• Originator Defenses to Contain the Impact of Biosimilars
• Two types of Deeply Discounted Second Brands
• Impact on First-to-Market Biosimilar mAbs
• The Current Thinking of Originators
• Legal Basis of the Deeply Discounted Second Brand
• Strategies to counter Deep Discounted Second Brands
Richard Di Cicco, Co-Founder, Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals, USA

14:40-15:20Biosimilars Monoclonal Antibodies- key regulatory aspects for development and approval – European Regulation
• European guidelines and international counterparts
• Questions and milestones during development
• Challenges and approval and post marketing
Univ. Prof. Andrea Laslop, MD Head of Scientific Office Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety, AGES MEA

15:20-16:00– Networking afternoon refreshment break (Exhibitors Area)

16:00-16:40– Biosimilars containing monoclonal antibodies
• Clinical and non-clinical issues
• Risk assessment and management
• mAbs update affecting Biosimilars
Isabel Zwart, Senior Consultant, PAREXEL International

16:40-17:20Interchangeability and Substitution
• Traceability and safety of biosimilars
• International Non-proprietary Name (INN) for a new biosimilars
• Current global status regarding substitution and interchangeability
Rodeina Challand, Executive Director, Biosimilars Development, Scientific Affairs, PRA International

17:20-17:30– Closing remarks – Rodeina Challand, Executive Director, Biosimilars Development, Scientific Affairs, PRA International

17:30 – Networking Drinks Reception. Take your discussions further and build new relationships in a relax and informal settings.

Day 2

Day 2 – 20th September 2013

09:00-09:30– Registration

09:30-09:40– Chairman’s opening remarks James Harris III, CEO Healthcare Economics USA


– Biosimilars Quality Development Update and Regulatory Update

9:40-10:20– Presentation Title to be announced shortly
Ashish Dugar, Global Medical Team Leader, Biosimilars, Pfizer

10:20-11:00– Establishing and demonstrating Biosimilarity – The CMC part
• Reference product monitoring
• Monitoring Biosimilarity from Cell line to GMP Process
• State of the art protein analytics and regulkatory demands to demonstrate Biosimilarity
• Case studies for Analytical testing to establish and demonstrate biosimilarity
Martin Bluggel, Chief Business Officer, Protagen Protein Services GmbH

11:00-11:40– Networking morning break (Exhibitors Area)

11:40-12:20– Key Patent infringement issues in relations to Biosimilars
• Lack of linkage between the patent and regulatory systems
• Difficulties in obtaining evidence to assess infringement
• Defences, such as the Bolar and research exemptions
• Spc Issues
Katie McConnell, Of Counsel, Hogan Lovells International LLP

12:20-13:00– Biosimilars Regulatory Update
• The rules governing the marketing of Biosimilars
• Update on Biosimilars guidance developed and issued by the European Medicine Agency
• Overview of the Biosimilars authorized to be placed on the market in EU.
Alexander Roussanov, Associate, Hogan Lovells International LLP

13:00-14:00– Networking Lunch Break

14:00-14:40– Biosimilars: Driving on Global Commercial Potential through the Emerging Markets
• Understand how developing healthcare policy in the emerging markets plays to the biosimilars opportunity
• Identify key emerging markets particularly conducive to the biosimilars opportunity
• Determine non-pricing options for achieving competitive advantage relative to other biosimilars
Cyrus Chowdhury, CEO & Managing Director, CB Partners


– Post Conference Workshop

14:40-15:40 – First Part: From Development: Biosimilars MAb to Market
• Biosimilar mAb global regulatory guidelines drive development of biosimilar mAbs
• Various development programs for biosimilar mAbs
• Designing global clinical trial programs for biosimilar mAbs

15:40-16:10– Networking afternoon refreshment break

16:10-17:10- Second Part: From Development: Biosimilars MAb to Market
• Selecting the right marketing partners for biosimilar mAbs
• Executing a well designed marketing plan for biosimilar mAbs in the right territory
• Risks and rewards of being late with biosimilar mAbs

17:10-17:20- Chairman’s closing remarks – James Harris III, CEO Healthcare Economics USA



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