Biosimilars & Follow-On Biologics 2017 Americas

Philadelphia, USA

Paradigm Global Events is again proud to present it’s bi-annual Biosimilars & Follow-On Biologics 2017 Americas congress. In this congress, we will cover a diverse range of topic and address the challenges and obstacle encountered by the industry from development to successful market of biosimilars. This will also offer and provide a unique platform for knowledge sharing and convergence from Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Regulatory and many more.


The FDA’s approval of the first Biosimilar product in the US is a significant event. A full blown Biosimilars market offers a huge potential in bettering patient outcomes and contributing compelling cost, opening the doors for easy access and optimal care. It was reported that Biosimilars could save the US economy up to $250 billion within the next seven years.


The increasing pressure to decrease healthcare expenditures, growing demand due to its cost-effectiveness, expanding occurrence of different diseases, increasing numbers of biologics losing their market exclusivity, positive outcomes in ongoing clinical trials and rising demand in various therapeutic applications are all contributing factors for growth of the biosimilars market. Between 2015 and the end of 2019, 39 biologics with combined US sales of $41 billion, representing 30% of the total market will lose their marketing exclusivity. This resulted in huge interest by big pharma and biotech company venturing into the Biosimilar sector in order to gain a slice of multibillion worth of biologics market. Other factors increasing the demand for biosimilar drugs include rising disease incidences across the globe and better access to healthcare for all nations.


Circumstance such as high manufacturing complexities and costs, rigorous regulatory requirements in countries, and innovative strategies by biologic drug manufacturers to restrict the entry of new players are restraining the growth of this market.


Gain Latest Insights On:


    • Learn the current global regulatory guidelines and considerations for developing and bringing the next generation of Biosimilars to the market
    • Know the strategies in place in developing and manufacturing biosimilars in emerging markets
    • Emerging Markets: Challenges and Benefits in Investing in Emerging Markets
    • Establishing and integration of biosimilarity and comparability into developing Biosimilars
    • Identify challenges encountered with Extrapolations and interchangeability, assessing immunogenicity and Pharmacovigilance
    • Explore CMC regulatory challenges and considerations for Biosimilars drug development and manufacturing
    • Study the pre-clinical and clinical challenges associated with the development of biosimilars
    • The importance of establishing partnerships and successful collaboration for Biosimilars business
    • Learn the latest updates, trends and current Biosimilars market situations in different regions
    • What does the future hold for Biosimilars and Biologics
    • Network with experts and leading drug developers, regulators and investors in the industry


Who you will meet


Chief Executives, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Head Team Leaders and Managers working within:


Follow on Biologics/Follow on Proteins/Biosimilars

Biologics/Biotechnology/ Biogenerics

Biopharmaceuticals / Biotherapeutics

Legal and Regulatory Affairs

Intellectual property

Pricing and Reimbursement

Clinical Immunology


New Product Development

Quality Affairs/ Quality Control

Principal Scientist


Chief Scientific Officer

Drug Safety & Risk Management

Process Control and Analytical Technologies

Business Development and Market Strategies

Commercial Affairs

Legislation and Policy Advice


Manufacturing and APIs.

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